Links to new research on Ebola: April 2016

As ever, tempus fugit. I have finally accepted I will not be keeping up with the Ebola literature any time soon. So I am posting three more lists of links, covering April, May and June of 2016, and then leaving you all to run your own PubMed and GoogleScholar alerts (I set mine for delivery weekly and whenever Google wants to send me something respectively). After that, it is back to occasional posts on the social determinants of HIV, TB, etc (i.e. my day job). It has been a privilege learning so much about an awful outbreak and the phenomenal efforts made by so many to fight it. Thank you for dropping by and motivating me to stay focused, and sometimes even up-to-date.

First up, things indexed in April 2016.

Therapeutics and Vaccines


Epidemic control strategies

Health care for Ebola

Ebola epidemic impact


Other items


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